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Car Robots Work In Film

Posted By Guest on April 29, 2010

Lights, Bots, Action! Former Car-Assembly Robots Find New Careers in Film Business
Car Robots Work In Film

It’s great to see a startup hiring laid-off autoworkers — even if they aren’t human. Jeff Linnell (center) recently picked up three Fanuc s430iL industrial robots at fire-sale prices and reprogrammed them for jobs in TV advertising. Seems that the autobots (nicknamed Puck, Gilda, and Rosie) had transferable skills.Read More

Miniature Track Robot

Posted By Jake Easton on April 07, 2010

Miniature Robot

The "Squeeze" miniature track robot fits in tight spaces, and can be used for everything from running network cables - to security applications.Read More

Solar Robot Pumps Sunlight Indoors

Posted By Guest on April 06, 2010

A powerful sunlight transport system that’s like putting a solar robot on your roof to pump sunlight indoors Solar Robot Pumps Sunlight Indoors What if you could light your entire building using no electricity, or artificial lights – but just the natural light from the sun? Conventional sky-lights do this well in certain types of single-story spaces, but are not very adaptable, powerful, and often have problems with excessive solar heat gain and loss. Enter the Sundolier, a powerful sunlight transport system that’s like putting a solar robot on your roof to pump sunlight indoors, The manufacturer claims a single Sundolier unit can provide enough light to illuminate a 1000-2500 sq. ft. area without any other sources. Read More

Solar Cell Robots

Posted By Guest on March 24, 2010

New Robots Build Prototype Solar Cells in 30 Minutes, Then Evaluate Their Own Work
Solar Cell Robots

One multitasking robot can build semiconductors for solar cells on six-inch-square plates of glass, plastic or flexible metals in just over half an hour. Six of these tireless mechanical workers, chugging away at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado.Read More

Portable Bomb Disposal Robot

Posted By Guest on March 22, 2010

The Real Hurt Locker: Bomb disposal robot that you can carry in a back pack

A high tech bomb disposal robot that fits into a back pack has been unveiled by the British Ministry of Defense. The Dragon Runner device will help soldiers to find and deactivate dangerous explosives on the front line. Its capabilities were demonstrated by members of the Royal Logistics Corps.Read More

Snake Robot

Posted By Jake Easton on March 20, 2010

CMU Biorobotics Lab Shows Off Its “Unified Snake” Robot Sidewiding, Climbing Up A Pole, and Rolling
Snake Robot

Carnegie Mellon University’s Biorobotics Lab shows off their new modular snake robot, Unified Snake. It climbs up a pole, performs rolls, and sidewinds.Read More

Robotic Snow Plow

Posted By Guest on March 08, 2010

The RoboPlow sports a 50" blade, six wheel drive, and a bad attitude when it comes to all things snow
Robotic Snow Plow

This is the idea that every geek has had, but the guys at Idea Laboratories were just fed up enough to actually see it through. Watching the video will make you wonder why somebody hasn't come up with this solution before.Read More

Wii-Controlled Robotic Drums

Posted By Guest on March 01, 2010

Solenoid Drums

A musician has harnessed the power of two Nintendo Wii remotes to become a cyborg percussionist with the robo-band Jazari. His playing of one drum machine can evoke an automated response from another, so that he can go around the drum circle in a beautiful display of human-robot improvisation using solenoids.Read More

The World's Fastest Elevator

Posted By Guest on January 30, 2010

Hitachi's G1TOWER is the World’s Tallest Elevator Research Tower Scheduled for Completion in April
Hitachi' World's Fastest Elevator

Hitachi will conduct verification tests on its world's fastest elevator, with a rated speed of 58 feet per second, as well as product development targeting the world's largest high-speed, high-capacity elevator, which will be capable of carrying a five-ton load with a rated speed of 32 feet/sec.Read More

Soccer Ball Robot

Posted By Guest on January 27, 2010

Castrol develops robot that kicks a soccer ball at 125 MPH
Soccer Ball Robot

An exhibition robot was designed to beat the soccer speed of legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, who can kick the ball at 80 MPH. Castrol's robot beats Ronaldo handily with an impressive 125 MPH kick.Read More