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Secret US Stealth Aircraft

Posted By Guest on December 01, 2009

Mystery stealth aircraft spotted in Kandahar
Secret US Stealth Aircraft

Since April, a steady string of reports have detailed sightings of a mysterious, unidentified UAV prowling the skies above Kandahar. Grainy, Loch-Ness-Monster-like photos revealed a flying-wing-type aircraft with stealth features.

Now, the French blog Secret Defense has published the clearest photos yet of the secret plane, and the mystery has only deepened.Read More

F-35B Supersonic Jump-Jet

Posted By Jake Easton on November 16, 2009

The F-35B Jumpjet - The next generation Harrier
F-35B Supersonic Jump-Jet

Navy Ship Made With Steel from the World Trade Center

Posted By Guest on November 03, 2009

Navy Ship Made With Steel from the World Trade Center

The 684-foot, $1.2-billion warship USS New York is actually made of New York. At least, 7.5 tonnes of salvaged steel from the World Trade Center.Read More


Hovercraft For Sale

Posted By Jake Easton on October 22, 2009

This Excelsior Dawes military landing craft includes armament and can be yours for only $65 million.
Hovercraft For Sale

The 179 foot hovercraft can carry 130 tons and features 5 gas turbines (M70) that produce a total of 60,000 horsepower. The craft has a top speed of 60 knots and boasts a 300 mile range.Read More

Army Replaces 1950s Vintage Parachutes

Posted By Guest on October 14, 2009

Army T-11 Parachute

Designed by AirborneSystems, the T-11 is the most advanced non-steerable troop parachute system in the world. The US Army is currently replacing more than 52,000 T-10 parachute systems with the new T-11. Slower rates of descent and decreased oscillation under the canopy will result in fewer jumper injuries and greater equipment carrying capacity for the modern warfighter.Read More


Lt. General: Military Robots Can Save Lives

Posted By Guest on October 13, 2009

Military Robots

Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch lost 155 men in combat. 122 might have lived, if only the U.S. had sent a bigger, badder, better-capable robot army in Iraq. “80 percent of those soldiers didn’t have to die,” he told a recent trade conference.

Robot Jumps Over Walls

Posted By Guest on September 16, 2009

Military Robot Jumps Over Walls

Most of the time, the small robot uses its four wheels to get around. But if confronted with a tall obstacle, the Precision Urban Hopper can use its piston-actuated "leg" to launch it 25 feet over such things as walls or fences.Read More

Air Force Shoots Down Runaway Drone Over Afghanistan

Posted By Guest on September 14, 2009

Air Force Shoots Down Runaway Drone Over Afghanistan

A drone pilot's nightmare came true when operators lost control of an armed MQ-9 Reaper flying a combat mission over Afghanistan on Sunday. That led a manned U.S. aircraft to shoot down the unresponsive drone before it flew beyond the edge of Afghanistan airspace.Read More

Da Vinci War Machines

Posted By Guest on September 03, 2009

Leonardo Da Vinci Cannon

The Great Leonardo da Vinci designed many weapons, including giant crossbows, machine guns, siege towers, cluster bombs and even a precursor to the modern-day tank.

Aircraft Nose Art

Posted By Guest on August 25, 2009

Aircraft Nose Art - Hard To Get

Aircraft Nose Art are personalized designs that were inspired by some of America's toughest air combat teams of the twentieth century.

Considered offensive by some, today's political correctness has tamed current designs to a whisper in comparison to World War II and Korea, when the popularity of aircraft nose art was at its peak.Read More