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The Andy Griffith Show

Posted By Jake Easton on July 03, 2012

Behind The Scenes Of

The REAL Mayberry

Andy Griffith Show Trees

The Andy Griffith Show is a timeless and heartwarming portrayal of American small-town life during simpler times, where traditional values were cherished, and people respected and cared for one another.Read More

The Oldest Trees

Posted By Lisa McNear on March 18, 2010

Oldest Tree - Methuselah

The world’s oldest individual tree lives 10,000 feet above sea level in the Inyo National Forest, California. A staggering 4,765 years old, this primeval tree was already a century old when the first pyramid was built in Egypt. The tree is hidden among other millennia-old Great Basin bristlecone pines in a grove called the Forest of Ancients.Read More


Amazing Antique Typewriters

Posted By Guest on March 15, 2010

Commercial Visible Typewriter Co. of New York
Commercial Visible Typewriter Co

This beautiful 1898 Commercial Visible Typewriter types from a type wheel, that is easy to remove, allowing for a quick change of font. To make an impression, a spring loaded hammer behind the carriage swings forward, striking the paper and ribbon against the type wheel.Read More

137 Years of Popular Science

Posted By Guest on March 07, 2010

The free Popular Science archives includes the following "I'd Like To See Them Make" series from their January 1956 issue (page 116). An item you won't see in today's publications:

Liquefied Asbestos Ad

Popular Science has partnered with Google to offer their entire 137-year archive for free browsing. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements.Read More

Record Player That Records Music

Posted By Jake Easton on March 03, 2010

Record And Play Your Own Records With Gakken's Gramophone Kit
Record Player That Records Music

Gakken's Gramophone kit can play records of any size, using a bamboo needle to belch crackling analog goodness out of its nickel-plated iron horn. Playback speed and tone are adjustable, and the player is powered by a hand crank.

But the most fun part of the Gramophone kit is the ability to record your own music directly to vinyl.Read More

Trees Consuming Objects

Posted By Guest on March 01, 2010

Trees Consuming Objects

When a tree grows and something gets in its way, it occasionally consumes it. Here are a few extreme examples of hungry trees.Read More

The History of Phones

Posted By Guest on March 01, 2010

The History of Phones

The first telephones were a purely scientific endeavor, with little thought to aesthetics. The entire focus of these first creations was to come up with a replacement for the primitive telegraph. Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the invention of the first working telephone, though there is controversy over who actually received the patent first: Bell, or another inventor, Elisha Gray, who came up with a model using similar technology.Read More

Expensive Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Posted By Guest on February 08, 2010

The Harley-Davidson 1909 Model 5-D Twin motorcycle had the company’s first twin-cylinder engine (about $400,000)
Best Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Model 5-D Twin

Today, when you think of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle - chrome, a growling engine, sleek lines and comfort comes to mind. The first Harley-Davidson was a basic bicycle with an engine on it. It took years for Harley to acquire its reputation, perfection and celebrity status.Read More

Time Capsules

Posted By Guest on February 01, 2010

Everything from beer & cigarettes to an entire car have been sealed in vaults for 50 to five thousand years
Seward, Nebraska Time Capsule

Seward, Nebraska Time Capsule

The official GWBR-certified “World’s Largest Time Capsule” is located in Seward, Nebraska. At that location sits a brilliant white pyramid below which is a 20' by 8' by 6' concrete vault housing a variety of seventies memorabilia including a new 1975 Chevy Vega and a leisure suit.Read More


Amazing Superimposed Photos

Posted By Guest on January 30, 2010

Superimposed photos combine the present with the past
Superimposed Photo: Thomas Circle, Washington, DC

Superimposed Photo: Thomas Circle, Washington, DC

These clever superimposed photos align historical photos with today's actual surroundings by placing an old photo in front of the subject, then taking a picture of both.

For those lucky enough to have a box of early 20th century photographs - and even luckier to find the subjects still exist - it might be worth a drive to track down some of the locations to get some really cool and attention-getting photographs.Read More