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Winscape Virtual Window

Posted By Guest on June 10, 2012

Want to Wake Up in San Francisco or Paris? Turn Two HDTVs into a Virtual Window to the World with 3D Perspective
Winscape Virtual Window

Winscape is a DIY project that features two HD plasmas in faux window frames that display whatever scene you’d like to see out your window. Using a Wiimote, the setup even detects your position in the room and shifts the perspective screens' high-resolution video to create the illusion of looking out a real window.Read More

The Amazing Virtual Effects Backlot

Posted By Guest on February 21, 2010

Studios are using virtual backgrounds from around the world
Virtual Backlot

Founded in 1989 by distinguished cinematographer Sam Nicholson, Stargate Studios was conceived as a high tech production company offering visual effects and production services to the film and television industries. They have created some amazing chroma key greenscreen digital compositing, where studio sets can be used with virtual backgrounds from all over the world.Read More

Behind-The-Scenes: Making The HBO Starship Intro

Posted By Guest on February 10, 2010

Many of us recall HBO's 1983 "Starship" intro before their movies, but few have seen the old-school effects used
Behind-The-Scenes: Making The HBO “Starship” Intro

A look behind-the-scenes at the insanely complex model city built by New York-based Liberty Studios for HBO's 1983 on-air look. 6 model makers worked for 3 months casting nearly 100 unique buildings, all with working light bulbs and meticulous exterior detailing. The model was made in 3 sections, a city, the suburbs and county side, with a 16ft high airbrushed skyline as the backdrop.Read More

The Evolution of Corporate Logos

Posted By Guest on January 09, 2010

The history and evolution of well known logo designs
Coke Logo Evolution

The evolution of logo design can be traced back to ancient Greece, when the rulers and their dynasties used to use cipher as a monogram on their coins. More modern logo designs date back to the early days of the Renaissance, around the 13th Century. Goldsmiths, masons, paper makers, and potters, were among the first trades people to use marks—gold stamping, chiseled symbols, watermarks on paper, and simple thumb-prints on pottery.Read More

Double Exposure Photography

Posted By Guest on January 07, 2010

One of the oldest tricks in the photography book revisited
Double Exposure Photography

Brian Auer

A double exposure is a relatively simple photography trick that can be used to achieve all sorts of fun effects - ghosts, fake twins, mirror images or something as simple as superimposing a backdrop of trees into a romantic scene.Read More

Demi Moore Photo-Chopped

Posted By Guest on November 20, 2009

In the December issue of "W" Magazine, Demi Moore appears to have a portion of her hip missing
Demi Moore Photoshopped

Michael Jackson in 3D

Posted By Guest on November 20, 2009

Michael Jackson in 3D

In 1997, Michael Jackson had a 3D scan taken of his body. Some people speculate that this was part of Michael’s plan to create a virtual reality double of himself. This 3D scan data has been put up for sale on eBay by an anonymous person with a claim that these belong to the then 37 year old Jackson.Read More

Determine the Best Room Colors Before Painting

Posted By Jake Easton on October 30, 2009

New service allows you to upload a photo of your room, then virtually paint it before you pick up a brush.
Determine Best Room Colors Before Painting

You want to re-paint a room, but you're not sure if the color will look right — holding up a little color swatch only goes so far. Using the Colorjive website allows you to upload an image of your room and apply desired colors to the walls to see exactly how the room looks with that color.Read More

Best Grunge Websites

Posted By Guest on October 26, 2009 has compiled the top 35 Grunge websites. Here are a few:
Best Grunge Websites

Creative Office Design

Posted By Lisa McNear on October 18, 2009

Creative Offices of Advertising Agency Leo Burnett.
Advertising Agency Leo Burnett Office

Singapore designers Ministry of Design have completed an office interior for advertising agency Leo Burnett that features a drawing of the company’s founder spread across the walls and floor, wielding a scaled-up model of a pencil.Read More