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Billboard Smells Like A Steak

Posted By Guest on April 25, 2010

Billboard Smells Like A Steak

The Bloom grocery store chain, part of Food Lion, erected a giant sign to promote its new brand of beef. It disperses the smell of steak during rush hour, from 7 to 10 a.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m. It pairs the smell with a big visual, showing a giant piece of steak and a French fry on a giant fork, and is one of the first of its kind in the country.Read More

Amazing 3D Building Murals

Posted By Lisa McNear on March 25, 2010

3D Murals Painted on the Sides of Buildings
Amazing 3D Building Murals

These scenes of wrecked buildings and unique structures are actually huge three dimensional works of art done on the side of buildings. Since he first started back in 2002, John Pugh has been fooling many for years with his 3D murals.Read More

Holiday Inn's Human Bed-Warming Service

Posted By Guest on January 22, 2010

Holiday Inn will soon offer an innovative odd five-minute bed warming service for their British guests
Holiday Inns Offer 'Human Bed-Warming' Service

Holiday Inn has taken the unprecedented step of introducing human bed warmers into its hotels, helping guests get a great night's sleep and keep the cold at bay.Read More

Creative McDonald's Advertisements

Posted By Guest on January 11, 2010

Light Pole in downtown Vancouver
Creative McDonald's Advertisements - Coffee Pot PoleRead More

Creative Motorcycle Designs

Posted By Guest on January 10, 2010

A collection of creative motorcycle designs
Dodge Tomahawk is a concept motorcycle

The Dodge Tomahawk is a concept motorcycle produced by Dodge. Dodge unveiled the motorcycle with an unusual design, featuring the 500 hp 8.3 L V10 engine from the Dodge Viper.Read More

The Most Useless Device

Posted By Jake Easton on December 31, 2009

Creative Gift Cards

Posted By Guest on December 07, 2009

Creative Gift Cards

Available in denominations of $5 - $1000, these geeky Wii-inspired gift cards from Target are illuminated with a cool blue glow, just like its Nintendo-made counterpart.


Custom Length Band-Aid Machine

Posted By Guest on November 30, 2009

Custom Length Band-Aid Machine

This unique band-aid machine is a concept project designed to do away with the need to stock up on assorted sizes and works like a tape dispenser. Just pull out the required length, and press a button to cut it.Read More

Steampunk Botanical Garden

Posted By Lisa McNear on November 29, 2009

Professor Alexander's Botanical Vasculum - Steamed 300 watt Moss Terrarium from Etsy seller SteamedGlass is a beautiful blown-glass steampunk Rube Goldberg terrarrium: "This is the largest of our "steamed" light bulb terrariums with a bulb measuring 3 3/4" x 7 3/4".Read More

Small Solar-Powered Brass Engine Works Inside Wine Glass

Posted By Guest on November 23, 2009

Working solar-powered brass engine model is small enough to fit inside a wine glass
Small Working Solar-Powered Brass Engine

Szymon Klimek is a master of what is a sublime combination of art and model engineering. A true craftsman, Szymon has a large gallery filled with his works of mechanical art and models, which also include this utterly small solar-powered brass engine model inside a wine glass.Read More