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4 Lane Drag Racing

Posted By Guest on March 14, 2010

The first 4-wide track at NHRA Full Throttle drag racing series was held at Charlotte zMax Raceway March 25-28
4 Lane Drag Racing

For the first time in National Hot Rod Association national event history, qualifying and eliminations at an NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series event will be conducted four-wide instead of two. The inaugural NHRA Four-Wide Nationals is scheduled for March 25-28 at zMax Dragway near Charlotte.Read More

Largest House of Cards

Posted By Guest on March 11, 2010

An American architect has broken his own Guinness World Record by building the largest house of free-standing playing cards.

Bryan Berg used 218,792 cards to create a replica of the Venetian Macau, which is on display in its namesake luxury hotel and casino.Read More


What is an Olympic Gold Medal Worth?

Posted By Guest on March 04, 2010

If the gold medal was solid gold with the same mass, each Olympic Gold Medal would be worth almost $20,000
What is an Olympic Gold Medal Worth

Weighing more than a pound each, the Vancouver medals are among the heaviest in Olympic history, and because of strong commodity prices, are among the most valuable ever handed out.Read More

World's Biggest Horse Track

Posted By Guest on January 28, 2010

The ruler of Dubai isn't about to cut costs when it comes to his luxurious new Meydan horse track
Dubai Meydan horse track

Despite struggling to pay bills for his city-state’s excess, Sheikh Mohammed has spared no expense with the opening of his $2 billion Meydan horse racing facility.

The complex includes two race tracks, a grandstand that holds 60,000 fans, a five-star luxury hotel, 10 restaurants, an IMAX theatre, a pool deck, marina and a horse racing museum.Read More

The Fastest PC

Posted By Guest on January 26, 2010

Overclocker claims world's fastest processor at 8.20GHz using Intel Celeron D-347 CPU cooled with liquid nitrogen
The Fastest PC

An overclocker has set a new world record for CPU frequency by overclocking a 3.06GHz Intel Celeron D 347 with an internal multiplier of 23x up to a blistering 8.20GHz (8,199.5MHz) clock speed. To keep things cool, liquid nitrogen was used to maintain a temperature of minus 303 degrees Fahrenheit.Read More

Yacht Replaces Sails For Wing

Posted By Guest on January 22, 2010

BMW Oracle Racing hopes using a wing for a sail will help its BOR 90 win the America’s Cup race later this month
Yacht With Wing

This year, the rules have all but disappeared for competitors in the world’s oldest international trophy competition, the America’s Cup sailing race. Motorized sails are fine, the single-hull rule is out, and in the case of the BMW Oracle Racing team’s boat, even sails are optional. Instead, they hope the largest wing ever constructed could catch enough wind to win the America’s Cup.Read More

The World's Largest Pocket Knife

Posted By Guest on January 10, 2010

You will need a pretty large pocket for this knife
The World's Largest Pocket Knife

This is the largest Swiss Army knife in the world, holder of the Guinness World Record for "The Most Multifunctional Penknife," with 87 precision-engineered tools spanning 112 functions. Made by Wenger, crafters of genuine Swiss Army knives since 1893, it uses stainless steel for all parts and is hand-assembled by just two cutlery specialists in Delmont, Switzerland, ensuring that every knife meets exacting standards.Read More


Extreme Rock Crawler

Posted By Guest on January 06, 2010

This fully articulated, chain-driven 4 x 4 buggy takes rock crawling to a whole new level
Fully Articulated 4 x 4 Chain-Drive Rock Crawler

Rock crawling is about slow-speed, careful and precise driving, and high torque generated through large gear reductions in the vehicles drivetrain. Rock crawlers often drive up, down and across obstacles that would appear impassable - and impossible.

This machine, built by Cameron Carlson, makes current rock crawlers obsolete.Read More

Gum Wrapper Chain Named Top Stunt

Posted By Guest on January 05, 2010

World's Longest Gum Wrapper Chain Named The Decade's Top Stunt by Guinness World Records
Gum Wrapper Chain Named Top Stunt

Guinness World Records said today that a Virginia man's constantly growing chewing gum wrapper chain was named the top stunt of the past decade.Read More


Paper Airplane Speed Record

Posted By Guest on December 27, 2009

While the initial speed is often more than 60 MPH, it's less important than time aloft for a paper airplane record
Paper Airplane Speed Record

In the world of competitive paper airplane throwing, a 20-second flight is exceptional, 25 or better is world class. Thirty is the stuff dreams are made of.

Only one man - Japanese paper airplane virtuoso Takuo Toda - has ever come close to breaking the 30-second barrier. On Sunday, he set a world record for a hand-launched plane made with only paper, but fell just short of the 30-second mark at 27.9 seconds.Read More