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Winscape Virtual Window

Posted By Guest on June 10, 2012

Want to Wake Up in San Francisco or Paris? Turn Two HDTVs into a Virtual Window to the World with 3D Perspective
Winscape Virtual Window

Winscape is a DIY project that features two HD plasmas in faux window frames that display whatever scene you’d like to see out your window. Using a Wiimote, the setup even detects your position in the room and shifts the perspective screens' high-resolution video to create the illusion of looking out a real window.Read More

Intel's Light Peak Optical Cables

Posted By Guest on April 15, 2010

Intel's 10 Gbps Light Peak Optical Cables May Succeed USB
Intel's Light Peak Optical Cables

Intel sees its Light Peak technology for linking devices by optical cable as potentially succeeding USB 3.0, a change that in several years could mean the disappearance of a port used almost universally in gadgets today.Read More

Seagate Hard Drives Include Free Movie

Posted By Lisa McNear on April 12, 2010

Ultra Portable Drive Comes Pre-loaded with One Free Movie for Activation and Twenty Other Films for Purchase

Today, Seagate and Paramount Digital Entertainment announced their agreement to pre-load a selection of 500GB FreeAgent Go™ ultra-portable hard drives with Paramount movies. Beginning immediately, US customers who purchase specially-marked packages of the FreeAgent Go ultra-portable hard drive will be able to activate Paramount Pictures’ popular film, Star Trek (2009), for no additional fee.Read More

Wireless Chips

Posted By Guest on April 05, 2010

Sony's wireless chip connections say goodbye to wires
Wireless Chips

John Boyd

No matter how much circuitry engineers are able to cram into a semiconductor device, they can't make it work faster than the wires between such devices will allow. That's why Sony's recent development of a wireless alternative is so exciting. Products often employ as many as 1000 pins to connect devices, and those pins take up a lot of space. More than anything, they set the limit on how large an electronic device can be.Read More

Multiple Computer Monitors

Posted By Guest on April 05, 2010

Multiple computer monitors aren't just for gamers. Several multiple monitor setups that increase business productivity
Multiple Computer Monitors

An NEC study found that people who use dual monitors were 44 percent more productive.

Having at least two computer monitors (or more!) is one of the best business productivity tools you can have along with a fast computer and an 8-button mouse. In fact, an NEC study at the University of Utah found that people who used dual monitors were as much as 44 percent more productive at certain text-editing operations than people using a single monitor.Read More

BBQ Grill Computer Case Mod

Posted By Guest on April 01, 2010

BBQ Grill Computer Case Mod

We've seen some outrageous computer case mods, but this one is over the top. The FIFA 10 PC case mod featured at the German Case Modding Championship has an Intel Core 2 Duo integrated inside a BBQ grill.Read More

NASA's Hyperwall High Resolution Display

Posted By Todd on March 31, 2010

Hyperwall-2 is spread across 128 monitors and is used for displaying images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope

You may think you've got a pretty good widescreen set-up at home, but nothing comes close to NASA's hyperwall-2.Read More

How Computer Technology Has Changed F1 Racing

Posted By Guest on March 30, 2010

More than 100 sensors capture data from the F1 cars
How Computer Technology Has Changed F1 Racing

Computer World interviewed the technology teams for BMW Sauber, McLaren Racing, Red Bull Racing, and Renault about how they run their IT systems and how technology has changed the sport. Each car has about 100 sensors which capture data and send up to 20GB back to the pits during a race. The tech guys arrive a week before a race to set everything up — the kit for BMW Sauber weighs more than 3.5 tons — and when it's over, they pack it all up and move on to the next event.Read More

$1,000 i7 Desktop Computer

Posted By Jake Easton on March 25, 2010

Core i7 Reference Guide
Build It Or Buy It? A Practical Guide for an i7-920 Computer with 12GB Memory and Windows 7 for under $1,000
$1,000 i7 Desktop Computer

The Core i7 is Intel's monster processor that everybody seems to be talking about, but is the Ferrari of processors really worth the price?

We wanted to see what all the i7 excitement was about, so we decided to take the plunge based on the following criteria: It had to be screaming fast, upgrade compatible (1366 socket), and relatively low cost. After some research, we learned that an i7-920 would be the best i7 computer to meet our requirements - and to our surprise - could be built OR purchased on a budget of less than $1,000.

Make sure you start with a Core i7-9xx series (1366 socket) processor. Other i7s like the i7-860/870 use the 1156 socket and are not upgrade compatible.

An i7 computer needs three essential ingredients that generally aren't lying around in the garage: (1) an i7-900 series processor (like the entry-level i7-920); (2) an Intel X58 chipset-compatible motherboard, and (3) lots of DDR3 memory. Knowing what we needed, we then had to decide whether to build it - or buy one off the shelf.

The decision turned out to be an easy one after we found a Core i7-920 workstation at Costco loaded with a jaw-dropping 12GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB SATA hard drive, and Windows 7 - all for $999 delivered.Read More

IBM Replaces Copper With Pulses of Light

Posted By Jake Easton on March 04, 2010

IBM replaces signals that communicate via copper wires with pulses of light - creating the world's fastest transfer
IBM replaces copper wires with pulses of light

IBM scientists unveiled a significant step towards replacing electrical signals that communicate via copper wires between computer chips with tiny silicon circuits that communicate using pulses of light. As reported in the recent issue of the scientific journal Nature, this is an important advancement in changing the way computer chips talk to each other.Read More