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Car Robots Work In Film

Posted By Guest on April 29, 2010

Lights, Bots, Action! Former Car-Assembly Robots Find New Careers in Film Business
Car Robots Work In Film

It’s great to see a startup hiring laid-off autoworkers — even if they aren’t human. Jeff Linnell (center) recently picked up three Fanuc s430iL industrial robots at fire-sale prices and reprogrammed them for jobs in TV advertising. Seems that the autobots (nicknamed Puck, Gilda, and Rosie) had transferable skills.Read More

Mirror Man

Posted By Guest on April 13, 2010

‘Mirror Man’ street performer at Griffith Observatory
Mirror Man

The sight of this man made of mirrors certainly must have been a surprise for the visitors to Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. A few hours spent contemplating the far off mysteries of the universe only to have one land in front of you.Read More

Seagate Hard Drives Include Free Movie

Posted By Lisa McNear on April 12, 2010

Ultra Portable Drive Comes Pre-loaded with One Free Movie for Activation and Twenty Other Films for Purchase

Today, Seagate and Paramount Digital Entertainment announced their agreement to pre-load a selection of 500GB FreeAgent Go™ ultra-portable hard drives with Paramount movies. Beginning immediately, US customers who purchase specially-marked packages of the FreeAgent Go ultra-portable hard drive will be able to activate Paramount Pictures’ popular film, Star Trek (2009), for no additional fee.Read More

Outrageous Motorcycles

Posted By Guest on April 11, 2010

High Heel Motorcycle
High Heel Motorcycle

Choppers are an American tradition that is slowly making it’s way across the globe. Here are a few unique examples of ingenuity and impracticality.Read More

US Military Used Inflatable Army

Posted By Guest on March 13, 2010

The deceptions of The Ghost Army used every theatrical tool at their command to defeat the Nazis in WWII
Army Used Inflatable Illusions - Tanks

An invisible army, operating in obscurity, were masters of the art of illusion, deception, and disinformation to defeat the Nazis in World War II. This top-secret unit, so highly classified that its very existence was denied by the Pentagon for 50 years, is finally being revealed. Among the tools of trickery were visual deceptions created by using life-size inflatable mock-ups of artillery, trucks, planes, tanks, and even buildings.Read More

Amazing Superimposed Photos

Posted By Guest on January 30, 2010

Superimposed photos combine the present with the past
Superimposed Photo: Thomas Circle, Washington, DC

Superimposed Photo: Thomas Circle, Washington, DC

These clever superimposed photos align historical photos with today's actual surroundings by placing an old photo in front of the subject, then taking a picture of both.

For those lucky enough to have a box of early 20th century photographs - and even luckier to find the subjects still exist - it might be worth a drive to track down some of the locations to get some really cool and attention-getting photographs.Read More

Hourly Rate Calculator

Posted By Jake Easton on January 15, 2010

Handy hourly rate calculator is a great tool for freelancers
Hourly Rate Calculator

Whether you're freelancing or working on side projects for some extra cash, make sure you get paid what you're worth with Freelance Switch's hourly rate calculator.Read More

GAP Turns Shopping on its Head

Posted By Guest on November 22, 2009

GAP Turns Shopping on its Head

A marketing campaign developed by Cossette West uses the tag line “Shopping turned on its head” and for the next four days visitors to the GAP store on Robson Street in Vancouver will find everything flipped on its head.

The store logo has been inverted, a hot dog cart and cars outside the store was turned over and clothes racks fixed to the ceiling.

GAP Marketing Upside DownRead More

Duct Tape Can Fix Anything

Posted By Guest on November 12, 2009

Duct tape comes to the rescue after an airplane was attacked by an Alaskan grizzly bear
Duct Tape Can Fix Anything Including Alaska Airplane

An Alaskan bush pilot went on a fishing trip and neglected to wash down his plane afterward. The 1958 Piper Cub was just too much temptation for a grizzly bear.Read More