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Richard Branson's Underwater Plane

Posted By Guest on January 29, 2010

Billionaire Richard Branson unveils the Virgin Necker Nymph underwater "plane" to take passengers to depths of 130'
Richard Branson's Underwater Plane

Space was apparently not the final frontier for Virgin CEO Richard Branson. The serial entrepreneur has officially unveiled his latest project, the Virgin Necker Nymph underwater plane that carries three passengers to ocean depths of 130 feet.Read More

World's Biggest Horse Track

Posted By Guest on January 28, 2010

The ruler of Dubai isn't about to cut costs when it comes to his luxurious new Meydan horse track
Dubai Meydan horse track

Despite struggling to pay bills for his city-state’s excess, Sheikh Mohammed has spared no expense with the opening of his $2 billion Meydan horse racing facility.

The complex includes two race tracks, a grandstand that holds 60,000 fans, a five-star luxury hotel, 10 restaurants, an IMAX theatre, a pool deck, marina and a horse racing museum.Read More

The Backyard Office Pod

Posted By Guest on January 26, 2010

The Backyard Office Pod

Need more space? The spherical Archipod Garden Pod makes a perfect addition to your garden. The prefabricated, 10-foot diameter pod offers all the convenience of an office or extra room located in your back yard.Read More

Supersonic Private Jet

Posted By Guest on January 20, 2010

This supersonic concept jet may pick up where the Concorde left off
Supersonic Business Jet

Designed for private business use, this supersonic concept jet would accommodate 9 people (6 passengers, 2 pilots and a flight attendant) with a maximum flight time of 4 hours.Read More

High-Rise Lawn

Posted By Guest on January 19, 2010

High-Rise Lawn

They haven't figured out how to mow it yet, but architects and federal officials plan one of the world's most extensive vertical gardens in downtown Portland — what amounts to a series of 250-foot-tall trellises designed to shade the west side of an 18-story office building.Read More

Penny Floor Covering

Posted By Guest on January 15, 2010

Penny  Floor Covering

Do you have money burning a hole in your pocket? Then you may want to consider creating your floor out of change. However, in reality, creating this floor really wouldn’t cost as much as you would think. It is constructed from nothing more than pennies. If you live in New York City or are visiting anytime soon, check out the Standard Hotel’s penny floor.Read More


200 Robots For Sale at Chrysler

Posted By Guest on January 15, 2010

3,000,000 SF Chrysler plant closed down and all equipment is up for auction
200 Robots For Sale at Chrysler

An old Chrysler plant is being sold lock, stock, and barrel by the University of Delaware, and up for auction are about 200 six axis robot arms. 181 of them are Nachis, with a couple ABB and Fanuc arms thrown in for good measure.Read More

Hourly Rate Calculator

Posted By Jake Easton on January 15, 2010

Handy hourly rate calculator is a great tool for freelancers
Hourly Rate Calculator

Whether you're freelancing or working on side projects for some extra cash, make sure you get paid what you're worth with Freelance Switch's hourly rate calculator.Read More

The Evolution of Corporate Logos

Posted By Guest on January 09, 2010

The history and evolution of well known logo designs
Coke Logo Evolution

The evolution of logo design can be traced back to ancient Greece, when the rulers and their dynasties used to use cipher as a monogram on their coins. More modern logo designs date back to the early days of the Renaissance, around the 13th Century. Goldsmiths, masons, paper makers, and potters, were among the first trades people to use marks—gold stamping, chiseled symbols, watermarks on paper, and simple thumb-prints on pottery.Read More

Abandoned Detroit

Posted By Guest on January 03, 2010

Abandoned United Artists Theater in Detroit
Abandoned United Artists Theater in Detroit

Nearly a third of Detroit's homes are vacant, and along with the residences, the city's stately hotels and cultural centers have been abandoned as well, falling into dramatic disrepair, their grand ruins still showing the promises of a once-booming city.

Abandoned Ballroom at the Lee Plaza Hotel in Detroit
Abandoned Ballroom at the Lee Plaza Hotel in DetroitRead More