Amazing Street Art

Posted By Guest on September 06, 2009

Street Art
Sweep it Under The Carpet.Read More


Unique Lamps

Posted By Guest on September 03, 2009

Unique Lamps
Created by Brazilian designer Rafael Morgan, the Light Drop takes decorative lighting options to a new level of creativity.Read More


Wood Calendar is Desk Sculpture

Posted By Guest on August 31, 2009

Wood Calendar

South Carolina designer Qaa’im Goodwin releases photos of an office calendar entitled T.I.M. (Translucence Towering Minimize). A Compositional Calendar System, this piece is made out of wood with what looks like stencil-cut numbers to denote the current month and day.Read More


Alan Bean's Astronaut Paintings

Posted By Guest on August 30, 2009

Alan Bean Astronaut Paintings

Alan Bean resigned from NASA in 1981 to devote his time to painting. Many of his paintings currently reside at an exhibition at the Smithsonian. In his 18 years as an astronaut, he was fortunate enough to visit worlds and see sights no artist's eye have seen and expresses these experiences through the medium of art. Read More


Atlas Art by Fernando Vicente

Posted By Guest on August 27, 2009

Atlas Art by Fernando Vicente

The art of Fernando Vicente includes his impressive Atlas series — paintings on maps.


Aircraft Nose Art

Posted By Guest on August 25, 2009

Aircraft Nose Art - Hard To Get

Aircraft Nose Art are personalized designs that were inspired by some of America's toughest air combat teams of the twentieth century.

Considered offensive by some, today's political correctness has tamed current designs to a whisper in comparison to World War II and Korea, when the popularity of aircraft nose art was at its peak.Read More

Giant Tinfoil Ball Art

Posted By Guest on July 31, 2009