Easter Egg Chickens

Posted By Guest on April 04, 2010

The name Easter Eggers is derived from the resemblance of their colorful eggs to artificially dyed Easter eggs
Easter Egg Chickens

Easter Egg Chickens, or Easter Eggers, are not a breed, but any chicken that possesses the "blue egg" gene and lays eggs that vary in shade from aqua blue to green, and sometimes even pink.Read More


Hummer Stagecoach

Posted By Guest on March 20, 2010

Hummer Stagecoach

The converted Hummer H2, which made its debut last week in New York City’s Central Park, was drawn by two horses, Duke and Diesel. Complete with chrome, LED lighting, and a custom audio/video system, the carriage called CEO Stagecoach is a lavish ride for its rich clients.Read More

World's Biggest Horse Track

Posted By Guest on January 28, 2010

The ruler of Dubai isn't about to cut costs when it comes to his luxurious new Meydan horse track
Dubai Meydan horse track

Despite struggling to pay bills for his city-state’s excess, Sheikh Mohammed has spared no expense with the opening of his $2 billion Meydan horse racing facility.

The complex includes two race tracks, a grandstand that holds 60,000 fans, a five-star luxury hotel, 10 restaurants, an IMAX theatre, a pool deck, marina and a horse racing museum.Read More