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Navy Helicopter Drone

Posted By Guest on April 14, 2010

The Navy's MQ-8B helicopter drone makes its first narcotics bust on the high seas
Navy Helicopter Drone

Drug runners and pirates beware: a Navy helicopter drone made its first official drug bust on April 3. The U.S. Navy Fire Scout stealthily tailed a "go-fast" boat suspected of carrying narcotics for three hours, and captured video of the boat's refueling rendezvous with a fishing vessel. Not a bad outcome for started as a "routine test flight," according to Navy reports.Read More

NASA X48 Drone Aircraft

Posted By Todd on April 10, 2010

NASA's Hybrid Wing Drone Soars on First Flight Tests
Boeing X-48 Drone Aircraft

A 500-pound unmanned aircraft with the appearance of a flying manta ray could herald the future of jetliners. NASA and Boeing's flying lab has wrapped up the first series of flight tests that should help pave the way for less noisy, more fuel-efficient airplanes that also emit less pollution.Read More

Building The Zeppelin

Posted By Guest on January 13, 2010

Building The Zeppelin

David Keyes

Have you ever wondered how the huge 803 foot long by 130 foot in diameter Hindenburg Zeppelin was built in the 1930s? Apparently with several really tall ladders.

Next Generation B52 Will Be More Spy Plane Than Bomber

Posted By Guest on December 21, 2009

The B2/B52 are bad, but the brass wants something badder
Air Force Looking for the Next Generation B52

It turns out the Air Force's next generation bomber really isn't much of a bomber at all. While the next iteration of stealth bombers is still on the drawing board, the DoD and top Air Force command know what the wars of the next century will call for: intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), as well as the ability to deploy non-kinetic weapons to disrupt enemy operations.Read More

Amazing Aluminum Aircraft Models

Posted By Guest on December 17, 2009

Cutaway view of the engine on an incredibly detailed 1/16 scale all-aluminum Corsair aircraft model
Corsair aircraft model - engine

Young C. Park of Honolulu, Hawaii is a retired dentist who has been an aircraft modeler since childhood. He is now fulfilling a lifelong dream of making incredible precision aircraft models of the Corsair and P-51 Mustang out of aluminum.

Using tweezers, the controls can be moved.

Aircraft Model cables and linkages

All cables and linkages are meticulously installed and work all of the aircraft's wing control surfaces.Read More