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Beautiful Animated Photos by Jamie Beck

Posted By Lisa McNear on June 11, 2012

These beautiful animated photos by New York photographer Jamie Beck take photos to a new level.


Billboard Smells Like A Steak

Posted By Guest on April 25, 2010

Billboard Smells Like A Steak

The Bloom grocery store chain, part of Food Lion, erected a giant sign to promote its new brand of beef. It disperses the smell of steak during rush hour, from 7 to 10 a.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m. It pairs the smell with a big visual, showing a giant piece of steak and a French fry on a giant fork, and is one of the first of its kind in the country.Read More

Creative McDonald's Advertisements

Posted By Guest on January 11, 2010

Light Pole in downtown Vancouver
Creative McDonald's Advertisements - Coffee Pot PoleRead More

The Vintage Ad Browser

Posted By Guest on January 10, 2010

New website contains more than 120,000 vintage ads that date back to the 1800s (in 50 market categories)
Vintage Ad Browser

The Vintage Ad Browser collects vintage ads from a variety of sources, including books, magazines, CD-Roms, websites, APIs, and submissions. The site currently contains more than 120,000 vintage ads.


The Evolution of Corporate Logos

Posted By Guest on January 09, 2010

The history and evolution of well known logo designs
Coke Logo Evolution

The evolution of logo design can be traced back to ancient Greece, when the rulers and their dynasties used to use cipher as a monogram on their coins. More modern logo designs date back to the early days of the Renaissance, around the 13th Century. Goldsmiths, masons, paper makers, and potters, were among the first trades people to use marks—gold stamping, chiseled symbols, watermarks on paper, and simple thumb-prints on pottery.Read More

Stairs Advertisements

Posted By Guest on December 23, 2009

Stairs Advertisements

Here is a collection of creative advertisements on stairs.

Stairs AdvertisementsRead More


Lenovo Folding Seats

Posted By Guest on November 30, 2009

Marketing stunt a big hit for Lenovo in Germany
Lenovo Folding Seats

The notebooks — part of a marketing campaign created by Ogilvy Frankfurt — were installed in buses and tram shuttles that lead prospective buyers to Lenovo Roadshows all over Germany.Read More

GAP Turns Shopping on its Head

Posted By Guest on November 22, 2009

GAP Turns Shopping on its Head

A marketing campaign developed by Cossette West uses the tag line “Shopping turned on its head” and for the next four days visitors to the GAP store on Robson Street in Vancouver will find everything flipped on its head.

The store logo has been inverted, a hot dog cart and cars outside the store was turned over and clothes racks fixed to the ceiling.

GAP Marketing Upside DownRead More

Toshiba’s Space Chair Ad

Posted By Guest on November 17, 2009

Toshiba’s Space Chair Ad

Created for Toshiba by Grey London, 'Space Chair' builds on the phenomenal success of 2008's record-breaking 'Timesculpture' ad campaign and has once again been filmed using Toshiba cameras. Shot in the wilderness of the Nevada Black Rock desert, the advertisement follows the journey of an ordinary living room chair to the extraordinary heights of the edge of space, lifted to an altitude of 98,268 feet by a simple helium balloon.Read More

Creative Office Design

Posted By Lisa McNear on October 18, 2009

Creative Offices of Advertising Agency Leo Burnett.
Advertising Agency Leo Burnett Office

Singapore designers Ministry of Design have completed an office interior for advertising agency Leo Burnett that features a drawing of the company’s founder spread across the walls and floor, wielding a scaled-up model of a pencil.Read More