You're Never Far From A McDonald's

Posted By Guest on September 23, 2009

Wherever you are in the contiguous U.S., you will never be more than 107 miles away from the nearest McDonald's.
Distance Between McDonald's in The Contiguous U.S.

Stephen Von Worley set out on a mission to determine the farthest distance between McDonald's restaurants. With help from AggData, he was able to determine the location of all 13,000 plus U.S. restaurants. From there, a bit of what he calls "software engineering gymnastics," and voilà, a heat map of the 48 contiguous states, vividly showing the distance to the nearest McDonald’s.

McFarthest is between two tiny Dakotan towns: 107 miles distance from the nearest McDonald’s

- Stephen Von Worley

Von Worley's impressive visual analysis shows how a McDonald's restaurant is understandably never far from the major population areas, and typically close to the highways. East of the Mississippi, the lights are ubiquitous. Heading west, there are some noticeable gaps before arriving to the west coast.

The data shows the farthest point between McDonald's to be the small towns of Meadow and Glad Valley on Highway 20 in NW South Dakota, where the distance is 107 miles between Arches, a mere two hour drive (145 miles) by car.

That leaves you more than enough time to enjoy a McBreakfast in Glad Valley - and a McLunch in Meadow.

* Compilation & Analysis by Stephen Von Worley
* Location data by AggData
* Enlarged Heat Map