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What Is It?

Posted By Jake Easton on November 15, 2009

We Have A Winner!

It's A Mousetrap!

Better Mousetrap with White Mouse


The Winner of the Technology Grab Bag is:

Sidney San Martin!

Sidney is a technology consultant from New York, NY ( We are gathering some more information from him and will add it as soon as we receive it.

Warren, Craig, and winner Sidney San Martin

(Left-Right) Warren, Craig, and Sidney San Martin

Sidney not only correctly named the device, he did so in great (and accurate) detail! From his email:
Subject: It's a Mousetrap!
Body: A better mousetrap! The best mousetrap! An electronic, ultrasonic, pneumatic mousetrap.

After announcing he had won, we received an email from Sidney saying:

Congratulations Sidney!


We Have A Winner!

After several hundred entries, at 12:51PM(MST) today (12/2/09), we received the winning answer.

We will be notifying the winner, then announcing the machine's name, showing photos and a video next week.

Thanks to all of you who participated!


Updated Photo: This is the forth week, and still no winner!
[See Comments at bottom of article for guesses so far]
The first person to identify what this automated robotic device is, will receive a free technology grab bag.

What Is It


To win, be the first person to guess the common name for this machine by its functionality. (Not by just naming any of its individual or collective components).

Technology Grab Bag

What Is It Grab Bag

Grab Bag Contents: If you are the first person to correctly identify the machine, you will receive the following:

Pure Aerogel (120ml), a Nitinol heat-sensitive spring, "Lips" hands-free cell speaker phone, Jabra Bluetooth cell headset, Kingston 2GB Micro SD (with adapter), Ambico 40" camera tripod, Window or Door Alarm/Chime, Mini Internet Camera, Everlast mini boxing glove, stainless steel air cylinder (3/4" bore-3.75" stroke) with gauge and regulator.

If the machine has not been identified after one week, more of the equipment will be shown in the photograph, until there is a winner.

To Enter Your Guess

Email Your Answer to:

Your email will be kept confidential, and only be used for the purposes of this contest.

Notice: Only 1 guess per email, per day. Not available where prohibited by law. Only 1 prize will be given. The first person to email the correct answer will win the Technology Grab Bag Prize.

No employees or consultants to Radok Corporation or are eligible.

Old Photos
Rev 2
What Is It

What Is It

Update - Nobody Has Gotten it Yet!

As of 11/14/09, So far we've received:
Pick and Place robotic arm (b)
Automatic Stamping Machine (BM)
Paint sprayer (RD)
Automatic door opener (RM)
Microwave Generator (Dan)
Pancake machine ((JD)
Imprint Machine (MV)
Cruise Control (Dave)
Industrial Clamp (Jess)
Joy stick controller (LS)
Radar (JY)
small fuel cell (G)
a catapult (eduardo)
automatic pet door opener (DNM)
automatic turnstyle (D)

There were several others that outlined the components (valves, actuators, etc), but not what the machine actually is.

Email your guess to me at:
Your email will be kept confidential, and only be used for the purposes of this contest.

Good Luck!

It's an automatic steering system for the new Mercedes that uses motion sensing.

it's a liquid injection system

It's a device to control pneumatic equipment using motion detection, so it can initiate or stop movements based on position and/or velocity of parts of the equipment.

I would guess it is an ultrasonic pump controller, or something that controls moving pneumatic equipment based on the position or speed of some of its parts.

is a catapult or something like that.

...No, it's not a catapult.
Give us another guess

The thing is an electronic cruise control?


It's an automatic door opener - with motion detection!


Dave: It features motion detection - but it doesn't open any doors. Try again tomorrow!

Benn more than a week - when r u guys gonna take this to the next level?

This is clearly an intergalactic transformer that when properly aligned between galaxies, and proper resonance with Plutino and Centaur, turns flour and eggs into the lightest, fluffiest pancakes in the universe!

I don't know what it is, but I want one!

A joint controller/line amplifier for an automated pick and place robot arm used in manufacturing!

At least that sounds good!


Ultrasonic circuitry, solenoids, and a Humphrey pneumatic cylinder. I assume it's rotating the hex bar, but I don't have any idea why.

I don't have a clue what it does, but it's certainly a clean design. Usually, what's under the hood of most projects isn't this organized.

Looks like small fuel-cell, probably (knowing KDDI) runs on methanol.

Stainless steal braided dual (liquid?) inputs and a gas outlet? high current 12v power lines with no external connection... weird.