Luxury Airplane Hotel Suite

Posted By Guest on January 23, 2010

Aircraft is now a luxury hotel suite, grounded at Teuge Airport in the Netherlands
Luxury Airplane Hotel

You may have flown first class before, but being a hotel guest in a luxury suit made inside this airplane will definitely provide a whole new pampered experience.

Luxury Aircraft Hotel Bedroom
Luxury Airplane Hotel Bedroom

Located in Teuge Airport, Netherlands, the hotel makes use of a converted 120-seat plane that offers guests with a luxurious sauna, jacuzzi, and 24/7 hostess. Previously used as a restaurant for 15 years, the Cold War-era plane has now become a luxury hotel suite that caters to the rich.

Luxury Airplane Hotel Bathroom
Luxury Airplane Hotel Bathroom

The price per night is US$500 (for 2 people), and includes breakfast.