The Fastest PC

Posted By Guest on January 26, 2010

Overclocker claims world's fastest processor at 8.20GHz using Intel Celeron D-347 CPU cooled with liquid nitrogen
The Fastest PC

An overclocker has set a new world record for CPU frequency by overclocking a 3.06GHz Intel Celeron D 347 with an internal multiplier of 23x up to a blistering 8.20GHz (8,199.5MHz) clock speed. To keep things cool, liquid nitrogen was used to maintain a temperature of minus 303 degrees Fahrenheit.

Liquid Nitrogen CPU Cooling Tower
Liquid Nitrogen CPU Cooling Tower

The Intel Celeron D-347 processor, which is based on the renowned NetBurst micro-architecture, is made using 65nm process technology and officially works at 3.06GHz. However, with the help of a modified DFI LanParty UT P35 (Intel P35, revision A2), OCZ Technology memory and a lot of liquid nitrogen, overclocker TiN from reached 8199.5MHz clock-speed on the central processing unit.

Temperatures Reached -186.4 Celsius ( -303 Degrees F)
Fastest PC CPU Temperature

To keep the CPU from frying, liquid nitrogen was used to maintain a processor temperature of minus 303 degrees Fahrenheit (-186.4 degrees Celsius).

The Fasted Overclocked CPU Speed Results
World's Fastest PC Clock Speed Results

While stability is still an issue, at 8199.5MHz, the results are the highest clock speed ever reached by overclockers as validated by the CPU-Z database.

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Well, every thing has its terminal velocity, whether falling, or flowing through a 65nm current path. This may be about as far as this technology can be taken.
So how do we go faster?

1. we go wider. more paralllel processes, with the adoption of 64bit processing and multiple processers, this new age of speed is upon us. Now it is up to the software developers to harness this technology and move beyond 32 bit.

2. we move from electrons to light. fiber does not have static issues, RF issues, or heat issues. Bridges built with fiber, could utilize different bands of frequecies in the same fiber making them more compact.